I Love the JavaScript shorthand of If-else statement 😃

So there it is! It is a long time ago that I put online a new blog post! Did a lot of other stuff then Web Development. But this time I want to share a small nice trick in JavaScript!

Yes, I love the JavaScript shorthand of the if-else statement. (For the record, the let variable is an ES6 type variable.) Check the super simple example below.

let aVar = 'A';
let conditionalVariable = aVar === 'A' ? true : false;

This example is super simple. I use this most of the times when the value of a variable needs to be based on the other variable.

In the early days of me writing an if-else statement in JavaScript was more like this:

var aVar = 'A'; if(aVar === 'A') { var conditionalVariable = true; } else { var conditionalVariable = false; } Read more