How to deploy your website with Git to your web-hosting and use Github or Bitbucket instead!

For a long time, i was searching for a good solution to automatically deploy my websites to my web-hosting (Webfaction) via Git. I use Git (Github or Bitbucket) with all my Web-Dev projects, i was searching for a solution to setup my personal Continuous Deployment/Delivery work-flow.

Before you follow this guid

In my guide, i assume that you are already familiar with Git. So i’m not gonna explain all the Git basics. If you want to learn Git? Follow this free course on CodeSchool. Good luck!

Install Git on your webhosting

I don’t know what kind of web-hosting you have, but if you have SSH authorization it will be good (i think). The great think about the developer web-hosting on Webfaction is, that you can easily install Git with a few clicks.

If you don’t use Webfaction, checkout this manual SSH installation. Otherwise i would advice you to transfer everything to Webfaction.

Create a local Git Repository

    $ mkdir projectfolder
    $ cd projectfolder
    $ git init

initialized local project
When you initialized your local “projectfolder” with Git, you can add your files to the project. It is also possible to initialize Git in an existing project folder.

Commit files to local Git Repository

$ git add index.html $ git commit -m "Initial commit" Read more