About Raymon Schouwenaar


As a Lead Frontend Developer I love to work with HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, NPM scripts, (Vanilla) JavaScript, GruntJS, GulpJS, Bower, Sass/SCSS/PostCSS,AngularJS 1.5 & 2, Typescript, Responsive, Git, Vue.js.

Special message for recruiters: Java is NOT JavaScript! I don’t do Java development but JavaScript Development!!!!

I’m super passionated about helping others with getting better in Frontend Development. Helping them to get better tech & soft skills, to rock it on their job/project. That is the reason why I founded the Mr Frontend Community (http://mrfrontend.org), everyone, young & old, black & white, male or female, religious or not, it doesn’t matter!

Please contact me if you want to join to learn, if you want to join to help or be a supporter as a person/company for the Mr Frontend Community! 🙂

If your searching for an Frontend mentor, please contact me! Or contact me via Twitter!


Twitter: @rsschouwenaar
LinkedIn: raymonschouwenaar
Github: raymonschouwenaar