Free retweet wordpress shortcode plugin

One of my clients asks me how she could make a custom retweet message for her blog visitors. So after some searching with Google, i found some article of Twitter with there own retweet button. After i look to the url, i saw it was pretty simple. So i made a custom shortcode for her, so now i wanna share this plugin and code with you!

The plugin create an meta box with some input fields. You can add your twitter account name, tweet text, tweet link and the hashtags. If you click the link below, you see how it works!

tweet this post

So if you want to use that shortcode to?
Download the free “Retweet My Post Shortcode Plugin“, install it on your WordPress website. If you download the plugin, i would love if you spread your message on twitter and facebook about the Retweet My Post Shortcode Plugin. Sharing is caring!


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